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Restaurant Kobe

Japanese restaurant ‘Kobe’

The Japanese cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in the world. It contains few cholesterol, fat and calories with fibers. ‘Natural’ and ‘harmony’ are keywords and also in restaurant Kobe. Here sushi and sashimi are prepared on the spot by the Japanese chef in a traditional way and fresh. Kobe is located at a unique spot on the shores of the river Maas in Crowne Plaza Hotel Maastricht.


What makes Kobe unique?
Nowadays there’s sushi on menus of many restaurants. What Kobe distinguishes from this trend is that real Japanese chefs, who like no one else know the principles of the original Japanese cuisine, prepare the dishes. With their knowledge they know how to keep the natural taste of the various ingredients intact and apply them in the right amounts.

« Our motto is the kitchen has to be in harmony with nature and the surroundings ».
Eve Abastillas, the manager of Kobe, says « Kobe strives to serve authentic dishes. The Japanese cuisine in it’s true origin. Sushi and sashimi is prepared on the spot and à la minute at our restaurant. We only use the best available, fresh fish. We also serve a broad selection of Teppanyaki-menus. The chef prepares the fish and meat at the tables of the guests with a big baking sheet. »

Monday to Sunday: 18:00 -21.30

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Sans aucun doute, Maastricht est la ville la plus bourguignon dans le pays. Crowne Plaza Maastricht est un bel hôtel situé sur le front de mer. Il offre une base idéale pour découvrir le centre historique de Maastricht, avec ses boutiques de luxe, des restaurants chics et des cafés confortables.


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